About Us

Aureline started when our co-founder Alley decided to do something about her stubborn acne. She searched all over and fell in love with a cult favorite bentonite clay mask -but it took 20 minutes each time, and who has that? 

So she asked her parents, both PhD chemists to formulate a product she could easily use everyday- one that can cleanse, exfoliate & nourish. 

Our co-founders are PhD Chemists who know how harmful chemicals in skincare can be. So they set out to formulate clean skincare with higher standards, and even hand make all the soaps to ensure integrity. 

Our formulations only consist of plant based active ingredients. Active ingredients are good for your skin - unlike fillers such as parabens and phthalates which are used to increase suds or color stability, but can harm health. 

In a world where we are busier than ever, it seems we are inundated with increasingly complex skincare routines to get great skin. Aureline is dedicated to bringing you skincare that can do more with less, so you can get glowing skin & get right back to your day.